The company

  • Biopaint was founded in 2005 by Eporgen and BioMan; it operates in the field of environmentally-friendly anti-fouling paints for leisure boats.
  • Biopaint has discovered and patented a number of eco-compatible anti-fouling biorepellent agents that permit the elimination or reduction of the harmful metals and biocides which are currently used in commercial products. These novel products would also lead to a reduction of the production and registration costs of new formulations.
  • One patent filed in 2008.

Current Status

  • BP1 selected as lead candidate from a family of small molecules with anti-fouling properties and with no biocide activity.
  • BP1 was shown to be active in proof-of-concept studies conducted in seawater for at least three months.
  • Business development activities aiming to license the technology are ongoing.